Blackberry Production Checklist
Estimated # of plants needed per acre using different spacing systems
Spacing Between Plants 8 Foot
Spacing Between Rows
10 Foot
Spacing Between Rows
2 feet 2,722 plants 2,178 plants
3 feet 1,818 plants 1,452 plants
4 feet 1,360 plants 1,090 plants
5 feet 1.090 plants 870 plants
6 feet 907 plants 726 plants
8 feet 680 plants 544 plants
10 feet 544 plants 435 plants

 Tips to Producing Excellent Blackberries
1. Choose a good site one year before you plant.
2. Prepare the soil before you plant: remove weeds, add organic matter, add fertilizer, make raised beds.
3. Choose a variety and purchase disease-free plants.
4. Plant in spring or fall
5. Build trellis (can be done before or within first year of planting).
6. Irrigate on a regular basis.
7. Allow 3 to 4 new canes per plant to grow to top wire.
8. Harvest a baby crop of fruit one year after planting, a full crop two years after planting.
9. After fruit is harvested, prune out fruiting canes.