Our Sweet Potato Operation
“To raise the best sweet potatoes, you need to start with the best slip you can get and hope for good weather. While we can’t do much about the weather," says Jim.

While they can't do much about the weather, Jones Family Farms can help you put the best plant in the field to maximize your crop ...and it all starts with micropropagated seed.

Jim started buying micropropagated mother sweet potato plants from NC State University in the mid-1990s and soon became a certified plant and seed producer. With confidence in micropropagated seed, he has increased the acres he plants each year to supply new customers.

Jones Family Farms is one of only a few farms in the world that grow micropropagated, virus-indexed plants for sweet potato production.

Over the years, Jim also invested in a number of new greenhouses. He now has nine greenhouses. In 2009, he built a new curing barn and added another curing barn in 2011.

Jim's business has increased largely because of satisfied customers. "I've never gotten a bad box of seed potatoes," reports one customer. He also sends an additional 100 plants with every 10,000 purchased. He recommends that growers buy some G-1 seed each year to keep seed stock at its best.

Jones Farms is a certified seed and plant wholesaler, selling to producers all over the U.S. and Canada. Since he started in the mid-1990s with micropropagation, Jones has become one of the largest suppliers of sweet potato cuttings in the Southeast.
Learn more about Jim Jones and his sweet potato operation in this U-Tube video: