Sweet Potato Varieties
Jones Family Farms sells the following G-1 & G-2 varieties
Organic slips and seed available for Burgundy, Covington, Orleans & Murasaki only!

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Rose-colored skin and moist orange flesh. Most popular variety planted in NC - 87 % in 2009. The Covington is very uniform in shape with exceptional results. A high-quality eating variety, it has rose-colored skin that is slightly darker than Beauregard with a moist, orange flesh. Normally matures in 110 – 120 days.
Bellevue LA 06-52

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It has an attractive copper skin. It definitely is different in skin tone compared to the rose-colored Beauregard and Orleans varieties.

Yet it has an outstanding shape in lots of different soil types – which is very unusual. LA 06-52 has an attractive orange flesh, which stays bright orange after baking, with little or no discoloration. It relies less on sucrose for flavor and actually has more fructose (a very sweet sugar). It definitely is not a good potato to sell green, given its flat taste. But a good flavor develops once it is stored – and does it store!

What I have found is that a variety that stores well often does not sprout well. This is definitely true of LA 06-52. You must pre-sprout to get plant beds that generate decent numbers of plants. Roots bedded without pre-sprouting just don’t work. So a good pre-sprout is needed, and then only expect plant quantities similar to Covington and less than Beauregard.

Plant quality is excellent, however, and we have seen exceptional yields in sandy soils and average yields in heavier soils. Growing season 90-100 days.

Burgundy LA 04-175

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has a deep orange flesh and deep red skin. The burgundy skin is attractive but yet very different from our other varieties. It definitely will need to be marketed as a specialty type – and it is truly special. Burgundy is the closest variety we have that rivals the terrific flavor found in Evangeline. It has sugar content similar to Evangeline. It relies more on sucrose in contrast to maltose to give it that extra-special taste. We perceive sucrose as a sweeter sugar in comparison to maltose – the sugar generated from the starch in the root through the baking process.

Production of Burgundy in plant beds is similar to Beauregard, and it tends to do best in sandy soils. But we have seen nicely shaped roots in south Louisiana in heavier soils. Yield is good, but not great! We have found it similar to Beauregard in sandy soils and a bit less (10-20 percent less) in heavier soils. It does store well, in contrast to Evangeline, and retains a bright orange flesh. Growing season is 90-100 days.

White Bonita

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White Bonita is a sport selection from the variety ‘Bonita’. Variety performance and morphology is similar to ‘Bonita’ except that White Bonita has white to slightly creamy flesh. The root skin color is white. Growth habit is prostrate with a canopy appearance that is greater than Beauregard and slightly more upright. Leaf color is light green at immature stage and dark green at full maturity. Plant maturity is 110-115 days

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The roots are elliptical, and are characterized by their white flesh, high dry matter, and purple skin. Good yields are normally harvested in approximately 100-120 days.

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'Orleans' is an orange flesh, light rose skinned sweet potato. It is a twin to 'Beauregard' in many ways. Skin and flesh color are similar to 'Beauregard' and the sugar profiles are identical to 'Beauregard' so flavor is unchanged. Production characteristics in plant beds and the field (days to harvest) are similar to 'Beauregard'. Same for disease resistance – just like 'Beauregard'. Even the plant canopy is similar in appearance. So what makes 'Orleans' different? Well, yield is not really any different from 'Beauregard' – in fact you might see fewer jumbos, but the grade out is improved due to quality. It is more uniform in shape so what we see is an improvement in "rank". 'Orleans' more often than not will edge out 'Beauregard' in yield of U.S. #1's. This is important because the fresh market industry is demanding greater root to root consistency in shape. 'Orleans' has a remarkable similarity to 'Beauregard' in the way it is grown – a plus to growers. The improved shape should give producers and advantage in the markets and ultimately contribute to improved profits.
Porto Rico

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An old-fashioned sweet potato that is perhaps the sweetest of all varieties. A vine-type variety, it is known for its great taste, making it an excellent baking and cooking potato. Roots are a light copper color with moist, reddish-orange flesh. Growing season is 115 to 120 days. While it is not as good appearing (with a more tapered, long belly, pale copper skin, and light orange flesh), it is a good plant producer.
Bayou Belle LA 07-146

Bayou Belle is a new deep orange flesh, red/purple skinned sweet potato. Sugar content is similar to Evangeline; however it has a more firm texture when baked. Production characteristics in plant beds are similar to ‘Beauregard’ but it consistently yields 10 % higher than ‘Beauregard’. Shape is slightly improved over ‘Beauregard’, but root to root variability does exist. The days to harvest are similar to ‘Beauregard’. Disease characteristics are similar to ‘Beauregard’ except for higher levels of resistance to root knot nematode. PLANT PROTECTION APPLIED FOR, sub-license required to produce in NC, acreage fees apply.



NC05-198 Averre- produces orange fleshed storage roots that are generally oblong to elliptic. Storage roots are longer than Covington but straighter than Beauregard. NC05-198 is useful in soil conditions where Covington tends to become bally. Total marketable yields are high and equal to Beauregard and Covington. A good compliment to the Covington for growers who need a plant that is suitable to early plantings, plants ready about 10-14 days before the Covington. Should only be considered a 6-8 month storage cultivar. Cooking quality stays moist and sweet when baked.

*Check for updates on other varieties that we may have in trials.